Lebanese Girl

Your geen eyes and your brown skin
Tell the story of a country full of war,
Full of pain and revolution.
But in your eyes
I can also admire the beauty
And the story that your eyes tell me.
You are free like the wind
And your lips and your skin are beautiful
Like the port of Beirut,
Full of innovation and the breeze from the sea
That makes me feel at ease.
Like jade,
Your eyes shine like jade
That reveals
The uniqueness and beauty
Of your beautiful country,


Looking for You

Looking for you in the streets, in the city and my land
I never found you
I looked for you in the stores, the malls and restaurants
But I was never succesful
I visualized you in the movies, I imagined you in my books
But it was just my imagination
After looking for you so many times
I got tired of going
And I realized…
That in reality one can’t force love
Love finds you
That’s why today I have decided not to look for you anymore
That’s why today I have decided not to worry my life
Today I stoped looking for you in my thoughts
Among the streets, the restaurants and stores
Today I stay
With an open heart
Without the worrying that
Yesterday I had to find you
I never lose my faith
Because I know one day you will find me


Words, words from my soul
Words that come out of me
Words that I would like to express
But I can’t
Words in which I paint the moments we have spent
Words in which I describe you
Words in which I speak to you
It all ends up in words that mix
Thus forming sentences with verbs, adverbs and adjectives
All of them directed to you
All of them directed to your hair and your lips
All of them directed to your smile that shines
All of them directed to your smooth legs
In this black ink I write words and sentences
All dedicated to you
To tell you once more
Words that I could never say
I love you


La tarde
De tanto alarde.
De tanto pensarte.
Demasiada arte,
Pa tu esencia
Siempre distante.
¿Quien me habrá dado
El arte de amarte?
Pa recordarte
En cada tarde.
Plasmada en el recuerdo
De este arte de amarte.

La Soledad

Desorbitados van mis sentimientos por ahí
Desbordandose por el desván
De la casa de las pasiones que se van.
Nunca tuvieron ni un desliz.
Se fueron así sin un desliz
Seguidos por ella.
En cada paso vigilias
En cada esquina observando.
En cada tienda, en cada retrato,
En cada obra.
A cada momento tropezaban con ella.
La que nunca los a soltado
La que los mantiene cautivos
La que siempre se queda
La soledad.