In the depths of despair,
The soul clings to a new beginning
A new hope.

Lounging through the obscure puzzle of the mind,
Looking for the pieces to solve,
Looking for light.

Shadows laugh in the dark alley,
Faces seem friendly,
They walk in a meretricious way.
I am confused.

To be confused,
You need that to find yourself.

May it be in the fields,
May it be in the city,
May it be at home.

To be lost in thoughts,
To walk Dali’s “Persistence of Memory”

To see the light,
Is to forget the past.
To wake yourself in the midst of the sea
Looking for that treasure deep in your heart.

To live, oh to live!
Is to get lost,
So then you can be found!

With a new perception in mind.

Lost in Lust


Blinded by desire,
I plunge into the flesh,
To the passion I am tied.

Indulgence in every step,
Making a fool of myself
By consuming all desires.

I am lost, in an abyss
I am lost in desire
I am lost in lust.

I am trapped in my sin
My vision is blurry
So are my dreams.

Trapped in a moment,
The pleasure is gone.
Woke up to realize
Everything is gone.