I write these verses,
In appreciation
For the dedication
And passion.

You stood up,
When everything looked down,
You got me back to my senses.

Your pragmatic view of life,
Helped inspire my prowl,
For ideas, motivation
And innovation.

I am a creative mind,
Creating verses in every step that I take,
In every step that I make.

You taught me about the values of work,
Your dedication, your toil, success.

For what’s a fortune
Without hard work?
The fruits of my labor,
You reap what you sow.

You’ve told me to not lose my mind
With girls, alcohol, and fame.
You’ve taught me to swim against the current,
When the current was backward.

You have helped me,
In times of distress,
When my mind is stressed.

I write these blank verses
To the man that taught me
About hard work and its fruits.

To the man that has told me,
To stay focused and follow my dreams.

Even when my thoughts were vindictive,
You’ve told me to swim above water,
Smile and never look back.

For we ate on a cardboard box
Once in a lifetime,
While my mother would cry.

I got no words to describe,
My appreciation,
I got lost in lust,
And you took me right out.

And now that I am older
And I think about it,
I’ve realized you have always been there for me.

For even when I got kicked out of school,
You still loved me.

I love you,
More than words can describe.

I love you, dad.


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