Dangerous, treacherous road
Leaves me blinded at times.
The dawn and twilight
Seem uncertain at times.

At times…
I’ve fallen
Into an abyss
Down the treacherous road.

I’ve cut myself
Picking up roses
That would only die
A long the way.

I’ve tumbled
Into a desert
And even got off the road,
Wondering where to go?

Tire and worn out,
The sun shines above
Illuminating the path below,
To find the road
That will take me home.

Not the ones my parents made,
But the one up ahead
Where there are water and wine
And something to dine.

The one up ahead,
The one with clear skies
And starry nights.

That one
Where my library is full
And there are no fools.

That one,
The one I will earn
Once I get off
The treacherous road.

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