The Lines

Where do I draw the line,
Where it all divides?
Will it ever end?

The bombs, the fire, the hate
All stem from the source
Of a decadent heart,
Pumping poisonous blood.

From Charlottesville to Spain
But it is no surprise,
Going through tough times
As our history tells.

Does it repeat?
Does it ever end?
Who am I,
But just a mere writer
Depicting in words what my heart perceives.

While others stay adamant,
Speaking in no regard
To the atrocities that were
And are to come
If we don’t unite.

The mask unveils,
Upheavals arise
And the sun goes down.

God help us all,
In restoring our strength,
Our faith and our step
To lead us to a path of unity
And not slavery.

Forgive us all,
God above.



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