Reflection at 24


Throughout my life, I have been through ups and downs. I have come to do things and meet people that I would have never imagined I would speak with. Today I am grateful for all the experiences life has given me. As I have enjoyed I’ve also lost and mourned for things I could have done or could have changed, because although I’ve been high up I’ve also come crashing down.

Throughout the years I’ve learned that I can’t truly trust everyone around me, that the heart is sacred and that the only people that matter in your life is very few. I learned how to value quality over quantity, and to hold those who I love really close to me and those who do not, I just wish them well.

Throughout the years I’ve also learned to focus, which has probably been one of the strongest battles with my life. Alcohol and bad decisions have turned things around but they also have taught me valuable lessons. This may be true, I am not where I want to be, and that is okay. I know I will get there, once I take things step by step. Life isn’t always a party and I sure as hell know that for a fact now.

I have seen people giving up on their dreams because of betrayal, alcohol or lust, and although I have experienced all of these things, I’ve come to realize that life does not stop despite your hardships. That your worth is enormous and despite everything that we might hear or read in the news, there is always a new hope, a new beginning, a new day.

Don’t put yourself down because of lost opportunities, look for a better way there is always a better way. My dad has taught me that there is a solution for everything except for death. So while there is still life in me, I am still willing to fight and pursue my dreams and aspirations.

Although I’ve lost one and a thousand times. I’ve come to know my own worth and that is more than enough. With these thoughts, I speak to you my so kind reader. I challenge you, to follow your dreams, to pursue those things that you might think are impossible, and to guard your heart like a treasure.

Know your worth, much love.