El éxito y otras preguntas.


Entre que escribía y no escrbía, opté por escribir. Este semestre tomé una clase de literatura en español y en lo que estudiamos ensayos, me decidí por empezar a escribir ensayos para este blog.

A veces tenemos muchas ideas en la cabeza, pero esas ideas se quedan estancadas en solo ideas, nunca las ponemos en acción. Me he dado cuenta que hay gente que va por la vida haciendo cosas empíricamente y estas personas por lo general tienden a salir adelante.

¿Qué es lo que pasa? Lo que pasa es que mucha gente con talento tiene grandes ideas pero ya sea por miedos o complejos nunca tienden a desarrollar estas ideas. A veces nos dejamos influenciar por las ideas de otras personas o comparamos nuestra vida con la de otras personas, cuando en realidad esto es algo muy erróneo.

Somos dueños de nuestras propias vidas, el éxito no se basa en followers, dinero o sexo. El éxito creo es algo subjetivo… o … ¿Podrá existir algo así cómo el éxito objetivo? Tal vez. Soy creyente de la famosa frase de Sócrates, “Una vida sin examen no merece la pena vivirla”.

¿Qué quiere decir esto? Como todo un filósofo, Sócrates creía que para vivir una buena vida debemos de preguntarnos las cosas o examinar nuestra vida. Cada vez que aprendo algo nuevo quiero aprender más y me gusta preguntarme el por qué de las cosas.

Quiero vivir el resto de mi vida enriqueciendo mis conocimientos. Quiero crear arte, quiero explorar, vivir y amar. Muchas veces nosotros mismos frenamos nuestros impulsos y cortamos nuestras propias alas, pero creo que esta vez entendí las cosas diferente. Creo que hoy por hoy no me importa lo que piense la gente, ni el qué dirán.

Siempre he sido una persona que le ha fascinado observar y admirar sus alrededores. A usted querido lector, le digo que la vida es tan bella y lo bello es que todos tenemos puntos de vista diferentes, todos tenemos diferentes ideas del amor, el éxito y la felicidad. Entonces en este blog lo que quise hacer hace mucho tiempo pero siempre me detuve un poco, fue en crear esa conexión con usted. Como estudiante de filosofía lo invito a compartir su opinión para que juntos podamos aprender y que me cuente usted su percepción de las cosas.

Ahora más que poesía, me gustaría escribir ensayos con mi visión del mundo. Ahora le preguntó a usted, querido lector. ¿Qué temas quisiera discutir o dialogar?


Rationality of Religious Belief Without Having Evidence


Throughout the experience of this class, we have analyzed and argued for and against the existence of God, we have looked at different examples, we have looked at some evidence but today I would like to defend Plantinga’s view on why is it that belief in God is properly basic supported also by Pascal’s Wager.

What does it really mean for belief in God to be properly basic? According to Plantinga, being self-evident, or incorrigible are not necessary conditions on proper basicality. What then constitutes a properly basic belief? Given that our mind does not play any tricks on us, we can see or remember things. Plantinga gives the examples of us remembering having breakfast, or seeing a tree. We can have the belief of seeing a tree without necessarily having evidence, if all of our mental faculties are working properly and we are not under the effects of any drugs or mental disabilities we are most likely to remember what we had for breakfast. These certain beliefs don’t require much thought or the need to be self-evident, so then what makes the belief in God properly basic? The answer to this is Sensus Divinatis.

What is sensus divinatis? Sensus divinatis is the sense of divinity, and what this entails is that we all know of God implicitly. It is imbedded in our nature to believe in a higher being. Plantinga references Calvin, in that we know of God implicitly by looking around us, looking at nature or the vast intricate universe that surrounds us. In this sense, there is no need to look for evidence in the sense that our basic beliefs implicitly tell us there is a God. The instances where we implicitly talk about God are those whenever we feel like God talks to us through scripture, when we feel like we have done something wrong, but can’t comprehend why we feel guilty for something we freely chose to do. It is in those instances that the sense of divinity manifests itself.

Throughout daily life, people will argue that God is hidden, that we cannot physically see God, like we see the trees, we can’t remember him like the piece of kolache I had for breakfast or he simply doesn’t manifest himself in a way that is apparent to us. Schellenberg argued that God was hidden to us and it justified atheism. God’s hiddenness was then presented in three scenarios. One depicting a child playing hide and seek with her mother and the child not finding his mother, the second one of a kid who when playing hide and seek with her mother, suffered a head injury and could not remember whether or not he ever had a mother. Lastly the example of a kid who cried for help in a jungle, yelling for a mother he wasn’t sure existed and was about to be attacked by a jaguar.

Through these analogies Schellenberg tries to convince the reader that we are like the child in the example. We as children of God look for him but find no solace, according to Schellenberg. He argues that this hiddenness is evidence enough for us not to believe in God, while Plantinga tell us this isn’t necessarily the case. As Plantinga discusses, people often look for evidence arguing that if people do not have concrete and solid evidence for believing in the case of God specifically, they are considered as fool or irrational beings that deserve pity but it is not the case when we are aware of the proper basic beliefs.

In a sense some philosophers would suggest we should simply suspend judgement on having no evidence, but one can’t stop believing a belief just because. To say that would be to say that my father loves me because he always brings a slice of pizza every Friday night. Let’s suppose he does this so much, that it has become a tradition. The tradition goes on for years until one night, he comes home and there is no slice of pizza. Should my belief that my father doesn’t love me be suspended on such action? What if he forgot multiple times? Would his love for me be less in the times he did not provide me with a slice? What if I was then suffering, from a disease that prohibited me from eating pizza? Wouldn’t that have been a greater sign of love?

Often times, people look on evidence on why God didn’t act a certain way or doesn’t appear in a certain fashion, but can we really understand what goes in the mind of the creator of the vast and intricate universe? Can we really argue on what an omniscient being should be thinking about?

And if we don’t see Him are, we really looking for him? Is the divine sense just a mystical experience like Alton described? What if God is in every detail? From every flower on an open field, to the oceans and the molecules on earth. God could be what is in the words of Anselm “that than which nothing greater can be thought”. If we look at God from the perspective of Plantinga, then we will see that, that God which is “hidden”, is a God that although denied by some is still acknowledged and thought of. The God that some people chose to ignore, is still the One that is being talked about. What if I believe there are atoms floating around me? I cannot for sure see them, but I have a strong believe they are here in everything that I am touching, writing and sending electronically. I do not have evidence to proof that I have atoms in front of me, nonetheless I have this properly basic belief that there are atoms in front of me.

Believing in God can be properly basic, but can anything else be a basic proper belief? Can the Great Pumpkin as described by Plantinga be a basically proper belief?

The Great Pumpkin unlike God, it is not something that manifests itself in different ways or makes itself be known, like God.

What do we lose if we believe in God? Is believing in something that is not seen clearly a sign of irrationality or a mental deficiency? If that is the case, would Albert Einstein have been able to come up with his theory of relativity? I do not think so… and if we believe in a higher being, would we really lose much?

Relating this back to Pascal’s wager, what do we lose by believing in the omnipotent God? Obviously, we know that Pascal, when writing his Wager did not think to add other religions in his piece or think of other gods for that matter. But how much can we really lose from just believing in something? If I believe in a higher being, would I need to stop doing the things I love to do? How or why would believing in God restrict me from doing great things or living a satisfying life? In the words of Socrates “the unexamined life is not worth living”. If after I have examined my life and my beliefs carefully and I still believe in God am I really an irrational being?

How far can my thoughts go and how much can I know? In that sense has everything I learned been in vain? What if my learning abilities are distorted and my sight fails me? Could I not write these words and could I not believe I am writing these words correctly? What do I really have to lose from believing in an omnipotent, omniscient God?

If he does not exist, then what am I losing? I would still have to agree with Pascal that I have nothing to lose and much to gain from believing in God. The notion that believing in a higher being makes me irrational does not really mean anything, for great thinkers have believed in a higher being like Descartes and Pascal. As we move forward throughout the years and our knowledge increases the questions being asked today and on philosophy of religion are still discussed. What does one really lose when believing in God?

Would I lose my freedom? Would I lose my independence and the freedom to choose my actions? Would believing in God stop me from doing great things then or discovering new things? Could I not write poetry and could I not drink wine if I choose to believe in God? Where would my freedom be if I am not to believe in God? What are the limitations of one believe then in whole mind?

While believing in God Plantinga was able to prove why Mackie was wrong in believing the Theistic Set was inconsistent. Does believing in God then alter our sense of logic? The only objections I could sense would be from the example of some churches, who nowadays preach the prosperity gospel but do not adhere to the word in the bible, but rather preach about rewards while prohibiting certain things. If we do not examine our life and the actions we are taking, then how can we really live fully?

A belief should not alter the examining of our life, we can always question our beliefs and change our minds, but believing in something shouldn’t really alter the way we examine things. We will always have opposing views obviously, that’s why if we wage the decision of believing in God, I do not think it would make such a great impact in believing in God and then being that God doesn’t exist. In that sense we wouldn’t have really lost anything if God didn’t exist, we would only gain great things from this position.

If we are too look at this from Anselm’s point we would see that if we are to believe in God, and it so happens that God exists, then we would be able to experience the greatest island we could ever think of with all the amenities and free wi-fi, but if God turned out to don’t exist we would simply never get to experience the island and erase all those memories we lived on earth into oblivion because, if there is no heaven after death then there must be simply nothing. We would just transform into energy in the universe and again we might serve as compost for the land we have died in.

But then wouldn’t that add to the sense of divinity? How is that there is so much order from a world that is full of chaos? Is God then a romantic artist like Eugene Delacroix? We don’t really know, as we have no idea what an omniscient and omnipotent God really thinks about because if we knew what his thoughts were could He really be omniscient and omnipotent?

How can we possibly know what goes beyond our knowledge and our mind when epistemologists are still asking themselves these questions we cannot answer in full detail?

There is much speculation for these answers but many lingering questions, and if questions are answered other questions are brought up.

If we don’t know the answers for certain then why does believing seem like a problem? Philosophers, scientists, writers and many people still face these questions. It seems like there is not much we can do but truly examine these things and try to come up with answers from ourselves, we shouldn’t suspend judgement or belief but rather we should explore. Explore in to the realm of the possibilities we face and wage our options so that we may lead into a better path. Pascal might have missed the other religions on his Wager but his method of analyzing provides us with a sense of direction into the future.

Taking all of these things into consideration we should now look forward that the sense of divinity surrounds us and that is possible for us to believe in such a being that has created order into this world. Throughout the class we have looked at examples from the ontological, cosmological arguments to the problem of evil, faith, evidence, hiddenness, wager and properly basic beliefs. After carefully analyzing all of these arguments, my belief hasn’t changed and although I have examined evidence and I’ve reasoned into some things, my belief has not changed.

I can convincingly say that I have no evidence, I have no DNA sample, no sight, not a physical encounter, just a feeling and a sense that takes over my senses and gives me peace and joy when I come to terms with it or look for it fully. I can also say that a feeling of understanding comes to me when I seek the word as I seek it with knowledge.

Our properly basic beliefs can’t really determine much of our search, like acknowledging trees or a person’s emotions or believing in God. One should always seek understanding, and the sense of divinity talked about in this paper helps us understand how we come up with the notion or the idea that one does not need to find evidence to have a properly basic belief.

The more our technology and knowledge advances in this world the more we seem to know about things but also the more we get to question our surroundings. In this vast intricate universe, the only thing left for us is to move forward with progress and understanding, questioning our beliefs and determining whether or not they are true or false. I cannot say for certain what is right or wrong regarding this topic as more information is available to us with each and every day.

Philosophy, or the love of wisdom, is a matter that never stops. We never stop improving, we never stop questioning, we never stop inventing. As time goes by and new discoveries and theories are made, my belief has still been the same as since I started studying philosophy. As far as my mind can take me, I will go venturing out into new endeavors, finding out more about life and its conditions. The farther I go, the more I will like to explore within my mind and my surroundings to get a clearer picture of what understanding is and if weather or not the beliefs I hold so dearly, really hold up to their standards.

As of know everything I have learned has, changed in some way but it hasn’t changed me in a way. I seek to every day understand more and more about the world I live in and to challenge my mind. To have taken this class was a complete privilege and that it opened my mind to so many things, I would have never thought of hearing.

The challenge I face now is to look forward and expand the knowledge these lectures and readings have given me, and use them for the betterment of epistemology. I am thankful for all these things I’ve learned, and I hold them dearly, with a blessed and opened mind. I thus conclude that one is capable to believe in God without having evidence.


I Haven’t Written in a While


Tis very true… I have not written anything for a while. For a moment I was depressed, I thought of my writing as not being good enough. I wanted to express so much, and I was lost for words. I thought of resignation, but that did not seem so courageous, so here I am venturing out on a new path, with new ambitions.

My writing has definitely changed over the course of the years, after hearing some criticisms of my writings, Spanish readers told me my English writing was far superior than that of my Spanish writing.

As you can imagine, this was something painful to hear. Everything I did was in Spanish and the majority of things that run through my mind are in Spanish, thus why I even refused to write in English during my first years as a young writer. I thought of it as an insult to my culture, my heritage and my first language. I didn’t think I would end up writing in English, but here I am and honestly I am unashamed by this fact now. I will still write in Spanish because I would like to immerse in that beautiful language, but I can’t deny my love for the English language.

I can’t escape it. As a 12 year old living in Guatemala, I would listen punk rock in hopes of grasping a better sense of that foreign language, and by the time I finally got to the US English, was something I rejected. In some part, I was reacting to a change, a culture shock, coming from upper class Guatemala to nothing in the US was something that completely changed my heart and my mind. It took me years to recover from that nostalgia and another psychological traumas that I endured, but I will write about that on another blog post.

Writing is something, that gives me life. The concept of creating a new world based on words gave me thrills, and excitement, until I started doing it for selfish reasons. On that instant when I realized that what I needed to write, needed to be heartfelt I think everything changed. I am no longer interested in creating stuff so people can admire me or praise me. I want to tell stories and I want honest criticism, because I will simply like to get better at what I do, everything else is secondary.

My trip to Guatemala helped me get in contact with my roots. Honestly I fell in love with my country again. After almost 12 years of not going back I had lost faith in ever going back, I was distraught by other things and my vision of going back seemed dismal. I even lost my Guatemalan ID on purpose because I thought I was never going back…. but oh boy was I wrong!


Going back made me realize how blessed I have been throughout my entire life. I realized I had many stories to write about, but needed to organize my thoughts. I know writing is a craft that needs to be repeated over and over in order to perfect it. I apologize to all my readers for my absence, but now I am back! Ready to write.

Thoughts and reflections from Arkansas

I had been waiting for this weekend for months. I remember a couple of months ago when my friend and one of my mentor’s Ray, texted me asking me to go on a hiking trip. I love hiking but was unsure of the costs and time for this trip, until I finally decided to head on an adventure.

The day I had been waiting for had approached and I hadn’t even packed but was still excited about the whole ordeal. I had no jacket nor boots but was able to get a cheap one from Ross and some family friends were able to lend me the boots for my trip. I was set!

As the meeting time was approaching Ray asked me to help him get the van from the airport. I hurried and finished packing all of my luggage and headed straight to Ray’s in-law’s house. After a couple of minutes, we headed to the airport to pick up the creeper looking van. They just needed to sell the glasses and the mustache for $5.99 and it would have been a perfect match! We parked my car at the airport and headed to UH to pick rest of the group.

As we approached the city, I took a picture of the whole downtown skyline and said goodbye. Even though I’ve lived most of my life in Spring, every time I go to the city, I feel this sense of home. As I watched the skyline from 59 my mind started thinking about traveling and experiencing new locations… I was excited.


When we got to UH. Everyone was waiting for us with the same excitement. Some of us had eaten, others like Ray and I were starving. So when we finally gathered every single one of us in the van, we decided to stop by Whataburger and enjoy one last Texas meal before we headed to Razorback country.


After the perfect Texas meal, we headed to Arkansas in what would be a long six-hour ride. Our destination was set on a cabin in Mount Ida. As the hours passed and everyone started to sleep, I looked out the window to observe the different signs and lights on the road. I’ve never been able to sleep in the car, I always want to absorb my surroundings and be in the moment. Every time I am on the road and admire the houses and ask myself what do they do? How did they get there? What are they doing? It is always intriguing to see a lonely house on the road and ask myself these questions. As I look at the stars and travel I always wonder how much can I see and how far can I go? I feel as if I was made to travel and explore. My mind awakens.

We made it to the cabin around 4:00 a.m. Amid the pitch black night in the forest, we found the cabin up on a hill. It was silent and obscure which made it seem a little bit creepy.


As we entered the wooden cabin, we realized it had a welcoming and cozy environment. It was small but spacious and although we didn’t have as many beds as we wanted we made it work. We divided and conquered and we slept as soon as we could because there was a long day ahead of us.

I woke up at eight. As instructed, but nobody else wanted to get up. So to get everyone on the same page, I quietly decided to brew some coffee and sure enough, the aroma would wake everyone up.  I served myself a cup and sat outside on the balcony looking at the woods. I was grateful I could contemplate the immensity of that moment. I could feel the cold penetrating my body as I smelled the earthy scent of the woods and the coffee.


After everyone woke up, we headed to a famous Mexican restaurant around the area. The restaurant wasn’t as great as the reviews made it be but their staff was very friendly and the food was dirt cheap. I had some chilaquiles which were served in a weird way but were okay. The chilaquiles had sour cream and a chipotle sauce, I was expecting some green or red option but it was okay.


After we finished eating. We headed to Caddo Bend Trail which was a 30-minute drive from the restaurant. We were all excited and ready to take on the challenge that was to come. We knew it was a 4-mile hike and we were anxious to see the trail. Riding a big ass van through a narrow road with hills and curves was definitely a memorable experience.


But was was most memorable, was definitely the scenery we encountered. The sun was shining and there was not that much wind. The trailed welcomed us with favorable weather and a beautiful lake that was breathtaking.



The lake was my favorite place. It was truly breathtaking. I thought for a minute how grateful I was to be there, experiencing the lake at that exact same moment. The water was crystal clear and it was blue, unlike the man-made lakes I have seen around populated places. In that exact same moment I wish I could be a rock expert to talk about the beautiful rocks we saw, but the truth is I don’t know much about rocks and I am okay with it.  I just thanked God for being able to take in all of the scenery, I also wish I had a boat to row around Lake Ouachita and observe the bald eagle. But since we weren’t rock experts nor had a boat, we decided to do something that we certainly knew how to do… which was take pictures.





Picture Credit: Matt Barrett


There were a thousand pictures taken of the scenery, but it cannot do enough justice to explain the beauty of it all. On the road, I wanted to get inspired by reading Keats and there was a piece of a poem that I felt had talked to me. The piece reads:

Stop and consider! life is but a day;
A fragile dew-drop on its perilous way
From a tree’s summit; a poor Indian’s sleep
While his boat hastens to the monstrous steep
Of Montmorenci. Why so sad moan?
Life is the rose’s hope while yet unblown;
The reading ever-changing tale;
The light uplifting of a maiden’s veil;
A pigeon tumbling in clear summer air;
A laughing school-boy, without grief or care,
Riding the springy branches of an elm.” 

After the hike, we headed to the little city of Hot Springs, where we ate some burgers and sandwiches at a local place and then headed back to the cabin to do a bonfire. We stopped at Wal-mart first to buy all the supplies we needed and then started the fire. As the fire started slowly. I thought about how some philosophers viewed fire as their essence. Unpredictable, beautiful yet so destructive. The fire that burns within ourselves is something that we must keep alive. I thought about this as I blew some air with a piece of cardboard to the fire. Watching the fire become alive and catch flames made me reflect upon myself, and how I wish that the fire inside may always keep on burning. That the little spark of curiosity may never leave and stay. That it feeds off those stories surrounding it and that it stays present in my soul.


In the words of Socrates “The unexamined life, is not worth living”. If there is something this trip has taught me is that I learn more and more each time I travel and that it is never enough. I am always looking to learn and experience more, just like the fire but unlike it. I know not to be consumed by my desires but instead spark it, in time of need.

Reflection at 24


Throughout my life, I have been through ups and downs. I have come to do things and meet people that I would have never imagined I would speak with. Today I am grateful for all the experiences life has given me. As I have enjoyed I’ve also lost and mourned for things I could have done or could have changed, because although I’ve been high up I’ve also come crashing down.

Throughout the years I’ve learned that I can’t truly trust everyone around me, that the heart is sacred and that the only people that matter in your life is very few. I learned how to value quality over quantity, and to hold those who I love really close to me and those who do not, I just wish them well.

Throughout the years I’ve also learned to focus, which has probably been one of the strongest battles with my life. Alcohol and bad decisions have turned things around but they also have taught me valuable lessons. This may be true, I am not where I want to be, and that is okay. I know I will get there, once I take things step by step. Life isn’t always a party and I sure as hell know that for a fact now.

I have seen people giving up on their dreams because of betrayal, alcohol or lust, and although I have experienced all of these things, I’ve come to realize that life does not stop despite your hardships. That your worth is enormous and despite everything that we might hear or read in the news, there is always a new hope, a new beginning, a new day.

Don’t put yourself down because of lost opportunities, look for a better way there is always a better way. My dad has taught me that there is a solution for everything except for death. So while there is still life in me, I am still willing to fight and pursue my dreams and aspirations.

Although I’ve lost one and a thousand times. I’ve come to know my own worth and that is more than enough. With these thoughts, I speak to you my so kind reader. I challenge you, to follow your dreams, to pursue those things that you might think are impossible, and to guard your heart like a treasure.

Know your worth, much love.

Ustedes los Dreamers


Es ostensible la tristeza
Entre papeleos y patrias
Entre el llanto y el miedo,
Son ustedes los más soñadores.

Son ustedes un regalo,
Una joya preciada,
Quien sin tener documentos
Son averiguados de arriba y abajo.

Son ustedes las personas más emprendedoras
Que haya conocido.
Son ustedes también, parte de mi historia.

Ustedes entienden,
El dolor que tanto callé
El miedo que tanto sentí,
Lo que nunca me atrevía a decir,
Hasta hoy.

Siempre he sido soñador,
Nunca fui dreamer
Pero sueño con el día
En el que vos estés tranquilo.

Con tu familia paseando,
De arriba, abajo
Sin miedo a las fronteras,
Sin ninguna barrera.

Los quiero,
Libres y sin penas,
Ya que son parte de mí.

Mientras corran por mis venas,
Memorias de Latinoamérica,
Serán ustedes siempre hermanos
Y más allá de ser latinoamericano
Se que también soy de acá.

No importa lo que diga el gobierno,
Si lo ponen de un lado o del otro.
Ustedes son de acá
Y se van a quedar.

Si no me entienden
¿Qué les digo?


¿Qué me enseño Harvey?

Jamás pensé que el huracán Harvey llegará a ser tan catastrófico. Estaba atravesando un periodo muy difícil en mi vida personal. Estaba muy estresado y muy asustado por el futuro que se me venía en frente.  

Mi familia fue muy prudente en tomar las medidas necesarias para estar preparados en caso de cualquier emergencia. Mi hermana esperaba celebrar junto a familiares y amigos su primer baby shower en el cual nos sorprenderían mi tía Susy y la esposa de mi primo, Stephanie con su hijo Oscar Fabian, también conocido como “El Canchito”. Llegaron de sorpresa el viernes por la tarde, en uno de los últimos vuelos con destino a Houston ya que, al llegar acá, las noticias informaron que los aeropuertos estarían cerrados y todos los vuelos serían cancelados. Mi tía Berta había llegado también el martes, 22 de Agosto para unirse a la celebración de mi hermana.  

Mi hermana también estaba a punto de mudarse a lo que sería su primera casa. Jairo, mi cuñado estaba ya pintando el cuarto del bebé y haciendo unos últimos arreglos para que se pudieran instalar en su nuevo hogar la semana entrante. Todos los preparativos estaban casi listos pero la noche del jueves, intentando instalar la lavadora y la secadora, la tubería del agua en la casa de mi hermana se explotaría haciendo que el agua se paseara por toda la casa.  

Mi familia de por sí ya estaba preocupada por los daños ocurridos en la casa de mi hermana. Llegó el viernes con Harvey, mi tía, Stephanie y El Chanchito. Todos en mi casa estábamos asustados y contentos por la llegada de nuestros invitados ya que siempre es un placer tener invitados, solo que llegaron en un momento donde se aproximaba una gran catástrofe. El entorno cambió completamente desde el viernes y empezaron las lluvias. El huracán Harvey llegó a Corpus Christi alrededor de eso de las siete de la noche, pero ya había precipitaciones de lluvia desde hacía unas horas antes del huracán. Después de venir con tanta fuerza y ser categorizado como nivel cuatro al tocar la tierra Harvey perdió su intensidad. A pesar de haber pasado a un huracán de categoría cuatro a una tormenta tropical Harvey dio un golpe muy grave.  

Harvey hizo un trayecto que lo llevaría a la ciudad espacial. Las inclemencias del tiempo se hicieron presente y empezó lo que se convertiría en un diluvio. Tenía una entrevista de trabajo después de dos meses de haber buscado, pero Harvey tenía otros planes. Aunque no se me concedió tener la entrevista de trabajo, no puedo quejarme de como Dios me ha bendecido en sí. En mi casa nunca se inundaron las calles ni entró agua a mi casa. En ningún momento se fue la luz, ni se cayó la señal del teléfono. Ver todo el sufrimiento en la televisión te hace apreciar lo que tienes un poco más y aunque mi vida ya era un huracán en sí, me di cuenta que aun como estoy de jodido (temporalmente) todavía puedo servir como una herramienta de ayuda para otras personas. Me di cuenta que la vida y las pertenencias se nos pueden ir en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.  


Amigos muy cercanos lo perdieron todo y aunque no tienen hogar por el momento estaban contentos con el simple hecho de estar vivos. La casa de mi hermana por poco y se inunda, pero gracias a Dios el agua nunca tocó el interior de la casa. Las aguas llegaron alcanzar el garaje, pero no pasaron de allí. Durante los días lluviosos hice viajes esporádicos a la casa de mi hermana, solo para chequear que todo estuviera bien. En esos viajes vi como los vecinos de Medaow Hill Run en Spring, se organizaron para alejar el agua de sus casas. Entre todos cavaron el suelo para formar una zanja para que fluyera el agua. Entre quejas del distrito y analizando la logística de está zanja, la comunidad dejó a un lado sus diferencias para mantener el bienestar de sus habitantes.  


Después de cuatro días de lluvia, el cielo finalmente se escampó. El sol volvió a mostrar su cara, pero a pesar de que las lluvias casarón, hay mucho trabajo por hacer en la ciudad. No escribo esta historia para vanagloriar mi estado, solo la escribo como una vivencia.  


Aquí abajo dejaré un link por si les interesaría donar a aquellas personas damnificadas por el huracán.