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Trapped… in what feels like my own desires,
I observe the world.
One night at a time.

Traveling, dancing and drinking
All in the mind.
Trapped within four walls
I remember, pieces of the past.

I am puzzled,
With the things that I did.
I was lost.

Confined in these walls
I’ve thought about my desires.
How I wanted to kiss her,
How I wanted to taste her.

A desired never fulfilled,
To experience life,
To live more than my thoughts,
To feel each day.

I, a victim of fervent passions.
Guilty of indulgence,
Guilty of my sins.
Now, I reflect upon these four walls.

What is?
What was?
What will it be?

I ponder every time,
Now in these walls
That I’ve created, from my past life.

To reach the ultimate freedom…
What does that feel like,
Once you are not deprived?

The Struggle II


In the blink of an eye,
I lost it all.
In the blink of an eye,
It was all gone.

For what is life,
Without a struggle?
What is love,
Without a heartbreak?

What are words,
Without meaning?

Through the night sky,
The wandering mind
Looses itself,
In that blink of an eye.

The sea that was once tamed,
Is now a raging storm.
The summer days
Are almost gone
And both the night and day
Seem longer each day.

Dismal days,
Clouded mind.
Larger nights,
Paths diverged.

These are the days
Where I pick myself up.

Shakespeare said,
“The valiant never taste of death but once.”

And I, despite my losses,
I have not died.
Nor will I,
With a defeated mind.

Above and beyond
This down-trodden road
That I roam.
I know,
The comfort will come.

Once I decide,
What path I am on.

The Lines

The Lines

Where do I draw the line,
Where it all divides?
Will it ever end?

The bombs, the fire, the hate
All stem from the source
Of a decadent heart,
Pumping poisonous blood.

From Charlottesville to Spain
But it is no surprise,
Going through tough times
As our history tells.

Does it repeat?
Does it ever end?
Who am I,
But just a mere writer
Depicting in words what my heart perceives.

While others stay adamant,
Speaking in no regard
To the atrocities that were
And are to come
If we don’t unite.

The mask unveils,
Upheavals arise
And the sun goes down.

God help us all,
In restoring our strength,
Our faith and our step
To lead us to a path of unity
And not slavery.

Forgive us all,
God above.


The Treacherous Road


Dangerous, treacherous road
Leaves me blinded at times.
The dawn and twilight
Seem uncertain at times.

At times…
I’ve fallen
Into an abyss
Down the treacherous road.

I’ve cut myself
Picking up roses
That would only die
A long the way.

I’ve tumbled
Into a desert
And even got off the road,
Wondering where to go?

Tire and worn out,
The sun shines above
Illuminating the path below,
To find the road
That will take me home.

Not the ones my parents made,
But the one up ahead
Where there are water and wine
And something to dine.

The one up ahead,
The one with clear skies
And starry nights.

That one
Where my library is full
And there are no fools.

That one,
The one I will earn
Once I get off
The treacherous road.

Blue Texas 

Among the open skies,

And the river banks.

Amongst the colors of your land,

I look into your sky

And plunge into the stars

Searching for dreams,

And adventure to live.

Throughout the sky of blue,

I see my name,

Written among the stars.

The twilight comes and dresses the night sky.

It is wearing blue.

The warm summer nights welcomes the moon,

Tells the sun goodbye,

And all I see is blue.

Blue Texas.

What is Peace?


Through trial and error,
Through history and revelations
You’ve come to know the self.

To know God
For peace to attain.
To know the truth,
Is to know freedom.
As to know love,
Is to know peace.

What is peace?
Is it anger in disdain?
Is it justice and the knowing of the self?

Peace in the streets,
Peace in the heart,
Peace in the mind,
Makes me feel at ease.

Everywhere I go,
Every step I make,
I am aware,
I am a sinner,
I am not perfect.

But I am at ease…

That is peace.

To know yourself
And seek the truth.

That is Peace.



I write these verses,
In appreciation
For the dedication
And passion.

You stood up,
When everything looked down,
You got me back to my senses.

Your pragmatic view of life,
Helped inspire my prowl,
For ideas, motivation
And innovation.

I am a creative mind,
Creating verses in every step that I take,
In every step that I make.

You taught me about the values of work,
Your dedication, your toil, success.

For what’s a fortune
Without hard work?
The fruits of my labor,
You reap what you sow.

You’ve told me to not lose my mind
With girls, alcohol, and fame.
You’ve taught me to swim against the current,
When the current was backward.

You have helped me,
In times of distress,
When my mind is stressed.

I write these blank verses
To the man that taught me
About hard work and its fruits.

To the man that has told me,
To stay focused and follow my dreams.

Even when my thoughts were vindictive,
You’ve told me to swim above water,
Smile and never look back.

For we ate on a cardboard box
Once in a lifetime,
While my mother would cry.

I got no words to describe,
My appreciation,
I got lost in lust,
And you took me right out.

And now that I am older
And I think about it,
I’ve realized you have always been there for me.

For even when I got kicked out of school,
You still loved me.

I love you,
More than words can describe.

I love you, dad.