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Covered in Flowers

Claude Monet - Rose Field Near Argenteuil

Covered in flowers,
You were the muse
To my starry nights.

Covered in flowers,
To disguise beauty in more beauty,
Only to get your essence.

A field of roses
Spark your red lips,
Color of my passions.

To be covered
From head to toe
With the gifts from God.

The essence of my day
Is you
Covered in flowers.



In the depths of despair,
The soul clings to a new beginning
A new hope.

Lounging through the obscure puzzle of the mind,
Looking for the pieces to solve,
Looking for light.

Shadows laugh in the dark alley,
Faces seem friendly,
They walk in a meretricious way.
I am confused.

To be confused,
You need that to find yourself.

May it be in the fields,
May it be in the city,
May it be at home.

To be lost in thoughts,
To walk Dali’s “Persistence of Memory”

To see the light,
Is to forget the past.
To wake yourself in the midst of the sea
Looking for that treasure deep in your heart.

To live, oh to live!
Is to get lost,
So then you can be found!

With a new perception in mind.

Lost in Lust


Blinded by desire,
I plunge into the flesh,
To the passion I am tied.

Indulgence in every step,
Making a fool of myself
By consuming all desires.

I am lost, in an abyss
I am lost in desire
I am lost in lust.

I am trapped in my sin
My vision is blurry
So are my dreams.

Trapped in a moment,
The pleasure is gone.
Woke up to realize
Everything is gone.

La Muerte


¿Cuantas montañas subirá el hombre?
¿Cuantos mares navegara?
¿Cuantas historias contará?
¿Cuantos cuentos leerá?
¿Cuantas lagrimas llorará?

Pa´encontrarse el hombre mismo.

¿Cuantos amaneceres verá?
¿Cuantos labios besara?
Pa´encontrar el amor.

¿Cuantas teorías hará?
¿Cuantos descubrimientos hará?
Pa´encontrarse con el razonamiento.

¿Cuanto nos durará la vida,
Pa´contestarnos las preguntas?

La vida abre sus brazos,
Pa´abrazar la sabiduría.
Pa´encontrarse alegría.
Pa´encontrarse el amor.

Soñamos más allá de las estrellas,
Edificamos ciudades,
Amamos sin rumbo fijo.

Algunos viven
Otros existen,
En este alboroto
Que es la vida.

Vivimos viendo estrellas,
Ciudades, atardeceres
Los crepúsculos.

Sentimos la vida,
Lloramos, reímos
Nos gozamos.

Algunos acompañados
Otros solos,
Pa ser recordados
Por algunos cuantos.

Confessions of a College Student


Paint the vivid picture,
Of a college student struggling
Working and studying
Partying Friday night with no money
But fuck it, you only live once.
Once is over you are in debt.

Asking for God,
Looking for miracles
In the sickle sky night
With the fickle perception
Of a young college man.

Trying to get it together,
Trying to make his wrongs, right
Trying to find love and know more
About God.

Walking unknown hills
Trying to stay at the top,
Setting your own boundaries
Trying to leave a mark
You’ve already made in your mind,
But have not done anything about.

My dad said dreams come true
As long as you work hard
Stay sanctified and focus on your goals.

Went drinking and partying
Got kicked out of school,
I thought I knew it all
To come to know that nothing I know.


Paint my sins in surrealism

Appeal to my senses,

In all my pleasures,

Taking not giving.

Desires take over,
Over the flesh of your son. 

Sweet ambition,
Sweet desire,

I am lost in these mountains.

Your lips, they love me

Then they spit at me. 

Forbidden  fruit,
I take more than what you offer,

And then lose it all,

Carried away by my passions.

I am lost in my own desires,
Get me out of here,


Lebanese Girl

Your geen eyes and your brown skin
Tell the story of a country full of war,
Full of pain and revolution.
But in your eyes
I can also admire the beauty
And the story that your eyes tell me.
You are free like the wind
And your lips and your skin are beautiful
Like the port of Beirut,
Full of innovation and the breeze from the sea
That makes me feel at ease.
Like jade,
Your eyes shine like jade
That reveals
The uniqueness and beauty
Of your beautiful country,