When The Night Falls


And when the night falls,
We meet again,
Among the city lights,
Among the stars.

The stars that made us dream,
As the night approaches us,
And we find life
In the songs they play.

We danced,
Among the crowds,
We sang through the iridescent night.

When the night falls,
The lights play with each other
Making figures in the blue night sky.

When the night falls
I am reminded that I am alive,
And that is when I dream again.
The taste of beer reminds me of those nights,
Illuminated by the Texas lights.

I find myself again,
Contemplating at night,
The life, the ambiance, the lights.
And I am reminded…

We only live once.

When The Lights Fade Out


When the lights fade out
And the streets are cold,
Where will I go?

When everything is dark,
When there is no one there,
And the city is still.

When the flashing lights don’t shine
And the music stops
Where are my city lights?

How long will this last,
When everyone fades away
And there are no lights to shine?

Among the city
I look for the night sky,
Shining stars,
Starry night.

Flash a light in my soul,
Give me lucidness,
Inspire my soul.

Help me write,
On the night sky,
Where the lights guide me,
Among the city lights.


Houston City Lights


Among the bright stars
And the night sky.
Your city lights,
Have woken my heart.

Throughout the years,
You have kept my affairs,
Disposed of my despairs.

Among these city lights,
I’ve dreamt,
I’ve cried,
I’ve gained,
All I am today.

Among your city lights,
I’ve explored the nights,
The different bars,
The different art.

I write to you,
In my night sky.

Filled with one
And a thousand starry nights.
Filled with all my passions
And desires.
Filled with all my love.

Among the city lights,
I write these verses,
All dispersed,
For all my different loves.

You are the tango in my head,
The muse to my eyes,
You amuse all my senses.

All these emotions,
Came to me,
From the Houston,
City lights.