¿Cómo no extrañar aquella mirada fija?
Sus ojos se perdían en los mios,
Cada vez que yo la miraba.

Se reía cada vez que le hablaba,
Con que ternura me hablaban sus ojos,
Cada vez que la veía.

Me contaba historias,
Se reía del mundo
Y después lo mejoraba con sus ideas.

¿Cuánto tiempo dura una caricia?

No tanto como el olvido.

¿Qué tanto nos dura un recuerdo?
¿Será mejor recordar o perder la memoria?

A lo lejos alguien espera,
A lo lejos alguien sueña
Con que nos juntemos
Y sea todo como esos recuerdos.

Si La Luna me Hablara


Si la luna me hablara,
Le contaría de mis noches en pena,
Le contaría de los sueños perdidos,
De las noches en vela.

Si la luna me hablara,
Guardaría los secretos,
De esta Tierra.

¡Tan clara, tan llena, tan plena!
¿Cuánto alumbras y cuánto irradias?
Para que ilumines el camino oscuro.

¿Si te contara mis sueños….
¿Qué tanto nos separa el orbe
Para que alumbres como en otras noches?

Be Creative

In every step,

In every direction,

Be creative.

When there’s nothing,

When everything is dismal,

You must create.

Be creative,

Even in your wake,

It can make the best cup of joe

You’ve ever had.

And when in doubt

And in struggle,

You must see what is not.

In a world full of words,

A thousand pictures

And a millions films

You must be.

Be creative.

La Literatura y Yo


La literatura y yo somos como dos amantes,
Explorando cada rincón,
Cada vértice,
Cada expresión.  

Explorando los misterios de la vida,
A través de paisajes
Pintados en mil palabras.  

La literatura y yo
Tenemos esa conexión
Que solo los dos sabemos.
Somos íntimos,
Compañeros del alma.  

Somos dos
En uno,
Que pueden formar mil,
Con tan solo escribirlo.  

Así es la literatura,
Como un ejercicio del surrealismo
O cualquier tipo de realismo,
Ya sea mágico o de otro tipo.  

Escribo siempre viajando,
Creando, inventando, enamorándome.  

¿Cómo no olvidar mis escritos?
Siempre tan allegados al alma.  

La literatura y yo
Así somos
Siempre unidos,
Por el amor a las letras.  

Coffee Shops in Houston

It is national coffee day and as most of you know. I can’t fully wake up without 2-3 cups of coffee daily! With that being said here are some of my favorite coffee shops around downtown Houston.


One of my favorite coffee shops is hands down Tout Suite. Located in 2001 Commerce St, this coffee shop is located close to the Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros the area also known as the East End of Houston, which has a lot of graffiti and street art. Tout Suite is a student-friendly coffee shop, there are plenty of wall plugs for you to bring your laptop, sit down and work on your school projects. This coffee shop offers a great variety of natural home-made juices that are perfect for detox or simply for the joy of drinking juice. The bakery is outstanding and you will find yourself surrounded by delicious choices.


Blacksmith located 1018 Westheimer Rd, is a great coffee shop in the Montrose area. One of my favorite things about this place is the breakfast menu, you can’t go wrong with the Vietnamese Steak and Eggs this breakfast item is amazing! This coffee shop is also walking distance from Half Price Books so if you would like to buy a book and then come for some coffee this is the perfect place!


The Honeymoon Café is an elegant coffee shop and bar located in the heart of downtown. Its exact location is at 300 Main Street.  There are many bars near this coffee shop which makes the perfect atmosphere for the nightlife as well. It is really close to the University of Houston Downtown and The Buffalo Bayou Park where you can enjoy a walk that will take you around the beautiful city.


Boomtown coffee located on the 19th Street of the Heights area is a small coffee shop with a great atmosphere. In its surroundings, there’s a music shop where you can purchase CDs or vinyl of your favorite artists and small bookshops. Boomtown is located in one of the hippest places in Houston. If you haven’t visited the Houston Heights I recommend you do so!

EQ heights

EQ Heights located at 1030 Heights Blvd is a very welcoming coffee shop. The cool thing about this place is that from a simple glance it might look like an ordinary house, but it is a small coffee shop. It’s a great place to do people watching or just hang out with a couple of friends.

The Nook 2

The Nook Café is located at the University of Houston. This is a place where you will see a lot of students doing their homework or cramming for finals. If you get a nook card you may be able to get a free coffee on your next visit. The Nook also offers live music from local bands and has a bookshelf where you can peak at any book you might be interested in. The Nook also offers table games to enjoy an afternoon with your friends.


There are many great coffee places to visit in Houston, not only is it the 4th largest city in the US but it also has a lot of gastronomical diversity and you may experience this once you explore the city yourself. Good luck and may you find the right cup for you!