Say you love me,
But show otherwise,
When in my darkest nights,
I’ve looked for you.

Not for sex,
Not for pleasure,
Just for love.
Where are you?

When I needed you the most,
Where have you been?
I need you now, I need you here,
In this moment, alone.

Say what you will,
Nothing speaks louder
Than what you give.
It is in those instances,
Where I look for you.


If Love Was a Plant


If love was a plant,
Would you let it wither?
Would you nurture it each day?
Would you let it bloom?
Or would you let it die?

Alone and forgotten,
Do not leave our love,
What took a lifetime to build,
Slowly decays and fades away.

At the leafs in the fall,
Everything inside dies
The iridescent coloring of fall
Is so beautiful yet so sad.

And in this pain I dwell.
Would we withstand
Or shall we fall apart?

Have my prayers reached the skies
Or are yours the same as mine?

Bombarded by my thoughts,
I stand.
Left alone in despair,
My love mourns.

You seem to care, at times,
At times you forget.
How to I heal my broken heart?
Shattered and splashed.

A disarray of thoughts,
Cloud my sight,
And all I see is me,
Picking up the pieces you left.

Will our love wither or withstand?
You tell me, my love.

Tainted Love


Tainted love,
I write to you from despair,
I write to you ,
Hoping these verses will make you clear.

I hope that if you listen,
You never faint,
And if you may still breathe,
I ask you to smell.

Oh tainted love!
So forgotten,
So far, yet so close.
The light is dim,
I hope your light never fades.

Tainted love,
Tell me how you are still alive,
After all we been through?

No matter where I be,
My love never fades,
Even if it seems so.

Tell me,
How many starry nights have you watched?
How many times,
In oblivion have you plunged?
How many times?

I hope you never fade,
Like these verses,
In my wake.

Amor Cobarde


¿Qué es un amor cobarde?
No es nada,
Más que un pensamiento.

Una ciénaga
Cubierta de un paraíso imaginario.

Una obra,
No terminada.

Un amor cobarde,
No es un amor
Porque nunca lo fue.

Fue solo un pensamiento.

Si fueras palpable,
Te llevaría a mi patria.
A la tierra del quetzal.

En la tierra donde las flores,
Florecen todos los días.
Donde el azul de los lagos,
Penetra hasta el alma.
En donde hay tantos colores.

Un amor cobarde,
Es solo un deseo,
Nada más.

Solo son las ganas de besarte,
De estar con vos,
De hacerte reír,
Pero no llamarte mía.

En resumen,
Un amor cobarde,
No es ni mierda.



Slipping away
Through life events,
Through its ups and downs
To the brightest and darkest nights.

Will our souls find the ardent night together?
Will the stars make a path for us in the night sky?
Will the events lead us to be?

Serendipity takes us,
Leaves us,
Might find us.

Through all my failures,
Through my struggles,
My trials.

Will it find us?
Will it find you?
Will it find me?

I don’t know
Through these events
I just hope to find us.