The Unknown

Dark Whirlpool

The unknown is that,
Which is not set in stone.
The unknown is that
I don’t know.

The unknown then,
Is something unspoken.

The unknown,
Is just trying to be a form.

When there is nothing holding it back,
When there is not a name
Nor a place.

The unknown
Doesn’t know.
It is just a mere thought.

Where then, will these thoughts go?
Dispersed over the seas?
Lost among the trees?
Who knows?

The unknown will be known,
Once you open your eyes.



How far away may I go,
When I’ve run around in circles?

How far away may I go,
After looking in the mirror
And finding what I had missed?

How far away can my mind go
When I’ve put limits on my own thoughts?

How far then, will I go
Once I am free from these thoughts?

But which thoughts are mine?
And which ones come from outer space?

How can my being have contrasting views,
If it is just me?

Beyond the limitations,
I’ve set my standards,
Farther away they go.

Have I dreamt too much or
Have I lacked vision?

Where do limitations come
And why won’t they leave?

It is not I against you,
It is I against I
In a puzzle game.

Where do I go from now?
Are the voices inside myself
Greater than I?

Show me the way, God
For I have failed.
But I know far beyond,
I shall sail.

Farther than these limitations.