When The Night Falls


And when the night falls,
We meet again,
Among the city lights,
Among the stars.

The stars that made us dream,
As the night approaches us,
And we find life
In the songs they play.

We danced,
Among the crowds,
We sang through the iridescent night.

When the night falls,
The lights play with each other
Making figures in the blue night sky.

When the night falls
I am reminded that I am alive,
And that is when I dream again.
The taste of beer reminds me of those nights,
Illuminated by the Texas lights.

I find myself again,
Contemplating at night,
The life, the ambiance, the lights.
And I am reminded…

We only live once.



Say you love me,
But show otherwise,
When in my darkest nights,
I’ve looked for you.

Not for sex,
Not for pleasure,
Just for love.
Where are you?

When I needed you the most,
Where have you been?
I need you now, I need you here,
In this moment, alone.

Say what you will,
Nothing speaks louder
Than what you give.
It is in those instances,
Where I look for you.


If Love Was a Plant


If love was a plant,
Would you let it wither?
Would you nurture it each day?
Would you let it bloom?
Or would you let it die?

Alone and forgotten,
Do not leave our love,
What took a lifetime to build,
Slowly decays and fades away.

At the leafs in the fall,
Everything inside dies
The iridescent coloring of fall
Is so beautiful yet so sad.

And in this pain I dwell.
Would we withstand
Or shall we fall apart?

Have my prayers reached the skies
Or are yours the same as mine?

Bombarded by my thoughts,
I stand.
Left alone in despair,
My love mourns.

You seem to care, at times,
At times you forget.
How to I heal my broken heart?
Shattered and splashed.

A disarray of thoughts,
Cloud my sight,
And all I see is me,
Picking up the pieces you left.

Will our love wither or withstand?
You tell me, my love.

El – Hyphen


Nací allá,
Where the flowers bloom,
And the volcanoes roar.

Where the nights light up
Y esta el cielo estrellado.

Pero vivo aquí
Where ICE is watching,
Por aquellos que no tienen documentación

Vivo aquí entonces
Algo así como decía Facundo
“No soy de aquí, ni soy de allá”.

I’ve tried to make sense of it all,
I live with the memory
Of mi querida Guatemala,
As I love to roam the streets of Houston.

Vivo aquí,
Es cierto,
Y hablo los dos idiomas,
I can switch like that.

Pa’ los que les guste
Y pa’ los que no
I don’t care,
I live in the hyphen.

Guatemalan – American,
Nunca olvido mi tierra,
Pero me queda claro el presente,
I know where I live,
Yo sé quién soy.

I am he,
Quién escucha salsa y le gusta el rock,
I am he,
Who reads and writes,
En inglés y español.

Yo soy,
El quién dicta sus pasos,
Haciendo estrofas en dos idiomas,
Con el palpitar de mis venas.

Yes, escribí en Spanglish
Because I can,
I switched on you now
¿Qué me vas a decir?

That I can´t write like Marquéz?
¿Qué no puedo escribir como Hemingway?
¿Qué me queda corto el idioma?

Or are you happy I can write in both?
Sea cómo sea,
These are my verses

This is the hyphen,
Living in the city
Recordando siempre mi bella Guatemala.

The Intricate Universe


Connected among the stars,
Lies the connection,
Of our puzzled universe.

Some watch from afar,
Others dream of being there,
While others rest above the clouds.

How many centuries have there been?
How many stars can I see?

Through trial and error,
We gaze from afar,
Wondering how
It all came to be?

Far, far above
Farther than the clouds,
Farther than the sun,
We discovered there is more.

Everything then
Seems in disarray…
But what do we know?

Where do our paths cross?
Where do our souls meet?
When we gaze above,
Where do we stand?

Are we all connected?
Is it all relative?
Where do we intertwine?

In this beautiful intricate universe,
Where we all collide,
I hope to find love,
Closer than the stars.

For those who wonder,
For those who gaze,
I hope you find,
Everything that is so vast,
So far…
Yet so simple, so close.

That is,
My perception of the universe.


¿Por qué escribo?


¿Cómo no querría yo declamar un poema?
Cuando todo esta en calma
Y los colores me alegran.

¿Cómo no querría yo escribir?
Cuando hay tanto de que hablar,
No me canso de estar viendo siempre
Todo a mi alrededor.

No me importa,
Ver a la gente sentada,
Parada, caminando o acostada.

No me importa,
Qué me tilden de loco,
Sentimental o idealista.

Por eso escribo,
Porque siento, pienso
Y observo.

Porque trazo así
Con mis palabras,
Lo que me rodea cada día.

Escribo porque así soy,
Tan libre como lo dicta el viento,
Tan certero como un juez,
Tan creativo, como en mi niñez.

Por eso escribo,
Aunque me lean
O no me lean.

Aunque se burlen,
O no digan nada…
Yo escribo.

Porque así me place.

When The Lights Fade Out


When the lights fade out
And the streets are cold,
Where will I go?

When everything is dark,
When there is no one there,
And the city is still.

When the flashing lights don’t shine
And the music stops
Where are my city lights?

How long will this last,
When everyone fades away
And there are no lights to shine?

Among the city
I look for the night sky,
Shining stars,
Starry night.

Flash a light in my soul,
Give me lucidness,
Inspire my soul.

Help me write,
On the night sky,
Where the lights guide me,
Among the city lights.